What is Meridian Group?

We are an advertising, public relations and digital marketing firm with over thirty years of experience in guiding both small and large companies and organizations to become the leaders in their respective category. Everything we do for our clients is about growing your business, your market share and your revenues. Sometimes the creative execution is unexpected; sometimes it’s fairly black and white, but in the end, every plan is specifically designed based on your goals and objectives. We don’t offer cookie cutter solutions unless you’re a company that manufactures cookie cutters.

The Power of Why.

More reliable than a shot of whiskey, our agency process is the foundation for how we work. Every marketing firm has one (or so they say), and ours is based on a simple word; WHY. Although it may look laborious it’s actually quite enlightening. The foundation of the Why Process is defining your company, its key attributes and personality traits in order to determine a clear and concise core value which ultimately guides every marketing decision. After that, it’s all about discipline; yours, ours and everyone who represents your organization. With this groundwork in place, we can ensure every single strategy, tactic and execution plays to the same song.



We develop and execute marketing strategies that increase sales and the value of brands. We are visual, we are smart and we create effective advertising that is as well.

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Public Relations

It's “public relations”, but we don’t think that really defines everything we do for our clients. Our strategies involve “brand relations” – holistic strategies involving more than just the media.

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We create effective websites that drive valuable web traffic and provide digital marketing strategies to keep your brand relevant. We do it all, from SEO to PPC to custom apps and more.

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Social Media

Your audience is talking about you online. Are you part of the conversation? We make sure you have an engaging online presence that builds trust, recognition, and fosters your positive reputation.

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