Youtility: Are you more interesting than my own wife?

January 9, 2014 / Blog /
Youtility Mantra

This afternoon, a group of Meridian Group + Launch Interactive and Independent We Stand employees attended an HRAMA event at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. The event was entitled Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype – Jay Baer. Jay Baer, the author of The New York Times best selling book of the same name, spoke to the assembled group of marketers about the concept and implementation of Youtility.

Youtility HRAMA Event Meridian Group + Launch Interactive
Definition of Youtility

Baer defined Youtility to be “marketing so useful, people would pay for it”. His concept flies in the face of traditional marketing standards and practices yet makes complete and utter sense. Throughout the presentation, he outlined the concept and gave examples of different companies who were using Youtility successfully. The list ranged from international corporate giants, like McDonalds and Hilton, to small, independent businesses, such as Riverside Pools and Holiday World. The link connecting these businesses was Youtility.

In case you’re wondering what the title to this post is referring to, Baer spoke about the competition faced by companies today and stated that you are no longer simply competing against the other businesses in your industry but “competing for attention against everything”. This point was emphasized by an actual view of his Facebook timeline. What we saw was a post by a friend and colleague sharing a photo of his son’s Lego camp creation, a photo shared by a Brewery he follows of the staff after a skydiving trip, a post by his wife saying something about Mondays and ending with another business post. The brewery was competing for Baer’s attention against a windmill man made of Legos, his own wife and another business (that was not another brewery). In this case, his wife lost the competition to the image of skydiving brewmasters.

Youtility Basics:
Three Types of Youtility:
  1. Self Serve Information
  2. Radical Transparency
  3. Real-time Relevance

How to Create Youtility:

  1. What do your customers need?
  2. How can you address that need?
  3. Market your marketing