Taylor Myrick

Associate Art Director

Taylor’s talent as a graphic designer shines as she blends her optimistic and sunny personality with her keen design eye to create well-rounded solutions for each project she touches. She developed her passion for graphic design while studying for her BS in advertising at Radford University, a concentration which helped her immensely in obtaining her BFA in graphic design from the Art Institute of Virginia Beach. She’s a self-professed typography queen and loves working on brand development and layout design. A Virginia Beach native, Taylor managed her own charity-based t-shirt business and freelanced with various agencies in the area before finding her first permanent home here with us at the Meridian Group.

When she’s not behind a computer screen, Taylor loves to feast on tacos and sangria with her boyfriend, Justin (or any food and drink really, they’re not picky). She enjoys taking her dog, Daphne, to the dog park, reading classic novels, and binge-watching all the nerdy movies she can find.