Terry Kelley

terry kelley

VP, Public Relations & Corporate Communications

Terry was the original co-founder and President of Kelley, Reilly & Smith Public Relations served as the public relations division of Meridian Group 22 years ago. Terry left the company in 1994 for the sports management business. He was an integral part of the creation of TeamLink in Atlanta where he served as Senior Vice President of Business Development. Under his guidance the company became the world’s largest sports information system and revolutionized the way information moved around the world to the nation’s media through web-based platforms. He returned to Meridian in 2004 after working with some of the biggest names in national media and sports administration and continues his relationships with many of them. Terry oversees all public and media relations efforts for the agency’s clients and leverages his large network of media contacts to garner the positive attention they deserve. It’s no secret that he remains an avid sports fan and his golf game isn’t too shabby either.